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Upcoming Litters

Puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract please read through the Purchase Agreement.


Please fill out the Puppy Application form and we will review your request before placing your name on our waiting lists!


Upcoming Litters for 2024!

If you are interested in any of our litters, please complete the puppy application from our website. We will be in contact with you once your application has been received.

Marley & Gunner


Double Doodle litter planned for summer of 2024!

Price - $3000 plus GST- $150  $3150.00

This litter will be medium in size in a variety of colors including some puppies with markings.

Marley is our gorgeous multigenerational goldendoodle. She has such personality and is quite the social butterfly! Marely loves everyone be it dog or human! wt 38 lbs and 19 inches 


Prairie's Gunner is a gorgeous multigenerational  Australian labradoodle from Prairie Doodles. Gunner is a beautiful carmel boy with a fleece coat and tuxedo chest. He is a happy fella! He always has a smile on his face.  Gunner loves to play but he also enjoys a lazy day ready to cuddle! wt 35 lbs and 18 inches 

Waitlist is open!

Zoey x Wade


F1 Springerdoodles! Litter planned for March with puppies due in May!

Price - $2000.00 plus GST - $100  $2100.00

Zoey is our goofy, loving English Springer Spaniel we are pairing her with Wade a gorgeous moyen poodle out of Prairie Poodles.  We love the temperament and comical character of the English Springer combined with the smart and loyal poodle, Wade, this litter will be exceptional!

With this pairing we are expecting fun loving and ever so loyal Springerdoodles with beautiful markings including tri colored puppies in this litter.  

Zoey - 45 lbs  21 inches

Wade - 23 lbs  18 inches 

Waitlist is open!

1.  Breeder

2.  Bill W 

3.  Mike & Ashley W 

4.  Aric & Alexandra B 

5.  Brianna M



Kali x Reggie

received_398783418034617 (1)_edited.jpg

Double Doodle litter planned for May! 

Price - $3000 plus GST - $150  $3150.00

Kali is our apricot double doodle, multigenerational Australian Labradoodle/Goldendoodle. She is a smart girl always so eager to please.  Kali loves to participate in any outdoor family activity.  She is quiet with a laid back personality, a gentle soul.  

Reggie is our handsome multigenerational Australian Labradoodle with a beautiful soft fleece apricot coat.  He is energetic, incredibly smart and so loving!

We are looking forward to this litter due in July with wonderful balanced temperaments.

Kali - 35 lbs 20 inches 

Reggie - 25 lbs 19 inches 

Waitlist is open!

1. Breeder 

2. Breeder

3. Kasandra B





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