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Puppy Prices

F1 Springerdoodles

(50% English Springer Spaniel & 50% Poodle) 

(50% English Springer Spaniel (Bench) x 50% Poodle)

Pet Puppy Price:
$2000 + GST

F1B Springerdoodles

(25% English Springer Spaniel & 75% Poodle)

Pet Puppy Price:
$2250 + GST

Multigenerational Doodles or Double Doodles

(Goldendoodle X Australian Labradoodle)

(Springerdoodle x Australian Labradoodle)

Pet Puppy Price:

$3000 + GST

Puppies must be SPAYED/NEUTERED: female pups at 6 months of age and male pups at 8 months of age, proof by vet certificate must be provided, our puppies are sold with a strict spay/neuter contract.

Please see our purchase agreement for details.

On puppy pick up day, we will schedule to meet our families travelling from out of town part way to help with travel time and expense.  This will also reduce stress and ease travel for the puppies as they can often travel with their littermates. 

We send all of our puppies home with an extensive PUPPY STARTER KIT to help

our puppies have the best start in your home! 


The kit items include:

  • 1st vaccination done by our vet at approximately seven weeks of age

  • Full health examination performed by our vet at the time of vaccination

  • Puppy will be microchipped by vet at the examination appt

  • Multiple deworming done at 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 weeks of age

  • Sample of puppy food that your puppy is currently eating

  • Sample of Omega Alpha Probiotics 8 Plus

  • Sample of NuVet Vitamin Wafers

  • Puppy training book 

  • Food/water dish

  • Collar & leash

  • Slicker Brush 

  • Familiar toy and puppy blanket

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