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Puppy Care

Proper nutrition and quality food is most important for proper development of bones and growth.  Always check the ingredients before purchasing food or ask for advise from a reputable dog breeder or vet.


Puppies need to receive age appropriate exercise meaning being allowed to play and rest at will.  Excessive walking and play activities can cause stress injuries to their developing joints which may lead to hip dysplasia. Always supervise children and puppies.  Children may play too rough and puppies have sharp teeth which may accidentally injure a child.


All vaccines need to be administrated before taking a puppy out in the public, follow your veterinarian guidelines.  Diseases such as parvovirus can be life threatening to your new puppy.  It is extremely contagious and can be found anywhere other dogs and their owners have been. Puppy care should be taken seriously for the well being of your new family member. 


Here at Ruff'n Ready Doodles we enjoy and take pride in the beginning process of socializing your new puppy, offering outdoor experiences on our acreage to new sights and sounds, raised with quality puppy food, and given lots of love!


Your puppy will be given deworming, first set of vaccines, microchip, health guarantee, signed contract with proof of altering done at appropriate age or will be done prior at early age by our experienced veterinarian, puppy pack which includes puppy food to start, toys and treats. We ask that your puppy always feel safe and comfortable to ensure confidence and a happy healthy puppy.


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